Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Unit B

Board & Committees

Leadership of the board

Andrea Bennett
Bob Connelly
Jim Cosgrove
Bob Stasiowski
Neighborhood Coordinator:
Nancy Bliwise
Business Coordinator:
Mark Tiller
Public Safety Chair:
Randall Kent
Development & Transportation Chair:
Jason Kendall
Zoning Chair:
Bill Murray
Atlanta Planning Advisory Board(APAB) Representative:
Richard Rauh


Concerned with enhancing the quality of life of the citizens of Buckhead. Because all problems have roots in communication—or lack thereof, emphasis is placed on strengthening interaction between the NPU and community. The Committee is driven by current community issues and needs and adopts concerns as they become apparent and as time and resources allow. The Committee sends a representative to the APD Zone 2 community meetings; reviews liquor license applications for NPU-B and updates the Resource Notebook. When a neighborhood or the NPU Board has an objection to a liquor license application, a representative of the Committee appears before the Liquor License Review Board to voice the objections for the record.

The Public Safety Committee meets at 6:30 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month prior to the NPU Board meeting.


Randall Kent, Chair

John Bailey

Cathy Boston

Sara Ohmer

Bob Stasiowski

Cory Tibbs

Bryan Steed

Anne Culberson


Hears requests for rezoning, variances, special use permits and Board of Zoning Adjustment (BZA) appeals. The applicant or representative presents the request to the Committee and citizen comment is solicited at this time. The Committee then forwards its recommendation to the NPU Board for a vote. The NPU recommendation regarding variance requests are forwarded to the BZA, a decision making body. The NPU recommendation regarding rezoning applications and special use permits are forwarded to the Zoning Review Board (ZRB), which in turn forwards its recommendations to the City Council Zoning Committee. The Council Zoning Committee recommendation is voted on by the City Council, a decision making legislative body.

The Zoning Committee meets at 7:00 p.m. on the Tuesday one (1) week prior to the NPU Board meeting.


Bill Murray, Chair

Nancy Bliwise

Bob Connelly

Jim Cosgrove

Michael Isaacs

Mark Tiller

Frank Toye

Kim Shorter


Reviews applications for amendments to the City of Atlanta Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP). The Committee addresses and makes recommendations regarding land use issues. It also deals with infrastructure, and traffic (pedestrian, mass and road). The Committee recommendation is forwarded to the NPU Board for a vote. If a request for a CDP amendment is denied by the Committee, the rezoning request is not heard by the Zoning Committee.

The Development & Transportation Committee meets at 7 p.m. on the Tuesday one (1) week prior to the NPU Board meeting


Jason Kendall, Chair 

France Campbell

Susan Campbell

Abbie Shepherd

Brian Ward

Kim Bondurant

Stephen Lam


The By-Laws Committee meets only as required by review the by-laws on an annual basis. The Committee is composed of the Executive Committee (NPU Chairperson, Recorder, Treasurer, Residential and Business Coordinators and the standing Committee Chairs).