Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Unit B

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District 7 Councilmember Howard Shook  404-330-6050

District 8 Councilmember Yolanda Adrean 404-330-6051


Atlanta City Council 404-330-6030

Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services 404-330-6023

Office of the Mayor 404-330-6100

Atlanta City Hall (main number) 404-330-6000



Department of Public Works

Main Office: 404-330-6240


Customer Service Center: 404-330-6333

• solid waste, recycling, and yard trimming collection issues

• bulk pick-up scheduling

• new Herbie Curbie or Recycling Bin requests

• pothole reports

• malfunctioning street light and broken street sign reports (after hours, call 404-658-7862)

• right-of-way maintenance, street sweeping and dead animal removal requests

Office of Transportation: 404-330-6501

• permit applications for lane/road closures and other activities in the right-of-way

• public parking and PARKatlanta questions



Department of Watershed Management

Main Office: 404-330-6081


Customer Service Center: 404-658-6500

• billing issues and account information

• hydrant leaks, running water, broken water

mains and other emergencies

• irrigation meter requests

• sewer service issues