Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Unit B


Frequently Called Numbers

District 6 Councilmember, Alex Wan: 404-330-6049

District 7 Councilmember, Howard Shook: 404-330-6050

District 8 Councilmember, Mary Norwood: 404-330-6051

Atlanta City Council: 404-330-6030

Mayor’s Office of Constituent Services: 404-330-6023

Office of the Mayor: 404-330-6100

Atlanta City Hall (main number): 404-330-6000

Atlanta Public Schools


The district’s vision is that APS will be one of the nation’s highest performing urban school systems, where 90 percent of its ninth-graders graduate from high school in four years ready for success in college or career.


The district’s mission is to improve student achievement, increase community engagement, strategically manage and leverage technology, ensure fiscal responsibility and stability, improve efficiency and effectiveness of district processes, increase employee capacity and leadership, increase employee engagement, improve recruitment and retention of highly effective staff and build a culture of alignment and accountability.

Important Contacts

Main Office: 404-802-3500

130 Trinity Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30303

More Information on Atlanta Public School’s website

Department of Public Works


To become the premier provider of efficient and effective Transportation and Solid Waste Services through a corporate and teamwork approach.


To enhance Atlanta’s quality of life by working collaboratively with citizens, public and private entities and other city departments to provide public works services that maintain and improve infrastructure and physical environment, utilizing a highly skilled and motivated work force.

Important Contacts

Main Office: 404-330-6240

Customer Service Center: 404-330-6333

  • solid waste, recycling, and yard trimming collection issues
  • bulk pick-up scheduling
  • new Herbie Curbie or Recycling Bin requests
  • pothole reports
  • malfunctioning street light and broken street sign reports (after hours, call 404-658-7862)
  • right-of-way maintenance, street sweeping and dead animal removal requests

Office of Transportation: 404-330-6501

  • permit applications for lane/road closures and other activities in the right-of-way
  • public parking and PARKatlanta questions

More Information on City of Atlanta’s website

Department of Watershed Management


The Department of Watershed Management is dedicated to providing the highest quality drinking water and wastewater services to residential, businesses and wholesale customers while protecting Atlanta’s urban waterways, conserving natural resources, and providing clean, safe water for downstream customers. Click here for our values.

Led by Commissioner Jo Ann Macrina, the Department has responsibility for the City’s drinking water and wastewater systems. It is continuing work on the $4 billion Clean Water Atlanta Program, a complete overhaul of the City’s water and sewer infrastructure undertaken as part of two federal consent decrees. Work under the first consent decree, governing the combined sewer system, was completed in 2007. Work under the second or “first amended” consent decree is scheduled to be completed in 2014.


Atlanta will be THE leader of the water resources industry — serving our customers, protecting our watersheds and improving the environment.


  • Ensure professional stewardship of Atlanta’s drinking water, wastewater and stormwater systems
  • Deliver excellent customer service
  • Invest in the development of a motivated, skilled and empowered workforce
  • Protect the present and enhance the future of the region’s water resources and public health
  • Improve the environment while supporting economic development

Important Contacts

Main Office: 404-330-6081

Customer Service Center: 404-658-6500

  • billing issues and account information
  • hydrant leaks, running water, broken water
  • mains and other emergencies
  • irrigation meter requests
  • sewer service issues

More Information on City of Atlanta’s website

Department of Planning and Community Development

Preserve our past, sustain our present, and transform our future.


Preserving our historical past, maintaining the livability of the present, and transforming our future through the implementation of the highest quality planning, building, code compliance, and housing services and programs to enhance the level of service we provide to all people of Atlanta.


To plan and implement the future by guiding the physical and economic development of the City while enhancing the quality of life for all through a comprehensive range of planning, design review, construction plan approval, code compliance, and housing preservation and assistance services and programs.

Important Contacts

Main Office: 404-330-6070

Office of Code Compliance: 404-330-6190

  • graffiti, overgrown/littered vacant lot, or dilapidated building reports

Bureau of Buildings: 404-330-6150

  • permit applications
  • zoning questions
  • questions about removal of trees on private property

Office of Planning: 404-330-6145

  • Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) information

More Information on City of Atlanta’s website

Department of Parks, Recreation & Cultural Affairs


The Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs (DPRCA) enhances the lives of City of Atlanta residents and visitors by offering programs, services and activities that encourage participation in recreational activities, leisure services and cultural experiences. The department strives to deliver quality customer service through the development, operation and maintenance of the city’s public parks, recreation and cultural affairs facilities to create an environment that is deemed safe, affordable and enriching for all.

DPRCA has earned the distinction of being accredited by the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA). This national accreditation by the NRPA is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a parks system and sets it apart from thousands of other parks systems throughout the nation.


To enhance the quality of life for all through nationally acclaimed excellence in Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs.


The Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs’ mission is to provide all residents and visitors with the highest quality parks, facilities, recreational programs and cultural experiences.

Important Contacts

Main Office: 404-546-6788

Office of Parks: 404-546-6745

Parks Customer Service: 404-546-6813

  • reports of trees down in the street
  • requests for the inspection of a tree in a park or in the right-of-way
  • park maintenance requests

Parks Reservationist: 404-546-6757

  • requests for a park, pavilion, ball field, or recreation center

Fields Status Hotline: 404-546-7992

  • information about temporarily closed City ball fields

Office of Recreation: 404-546-7985

Office of Cultural Affairs: 404-546-6815

More Information on City of Atlanta’s website

Municipal Court of Atlanta

Municipal Court Customer Care: 404-658-6940

  • questions about traffic and parking tickets
  • traffic court information

More Information on City of Atlanta’s website

Fulton County Contacts

Fulton County Main Operator: 404-730-4000

Fulton County Board of Assessors: 404-224-0102

Chief Appraiser for Fulton County, Burt Manning: 404-612-6434

Fulton County Voter Registration: 404-730-7072

Fulton County Animal Control: 404-613-0358

Commonly Used Government Acronyms

ADA   Atlanta Development Authority

APAB   Atlanta Planning Advisory Board, and advisory board with representatives from each of the 25 NPUs

ARC   Atlanta Regional Commission

BATMA   Buckhead Area Transit Management Association

BZA   Board of Zoning Adjustment, a 5 member board of citizens appointed by the City Council. The BZA hears variance and special exception requests. BZA meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 12:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers of City Hall. The BZA is a deciding body. Decisions may only be appealed through Fulton Superior Court.

CDBG   Community Development Block Grant

CDP   Comprehensive Development Plan, developed by City with NPU input, to provide a broad policy framework fro development and growth.

CID   Community Improvement District (a self taxing mechanism)

CIP   Capital Improvement Program

CMAQ   Congestion and Mitigation Air Quality (funds)

DRI   Development of Regional Import (a recommending body- ARC & GRTA)

FAR   Floor Area Ratio:

Residential = area of heated space less non-residential space and resident common-use areas (rec rooms) divided by Gross Land Area

Non-residential = area of heated space divided by net lot area (length times width)

Mixed Use = residential F.A.R. divided by non-residential F.A.R.

GLA   Gross Land Area, half of right-of-way (including streets, parks, lakes, cemeteries) up to 50 feet in width may be counted towards GLA calculations

GRTA   Georgia Regional Transportation Authority

HERO   Highway Emergency Response Operation

I-1   Light Industrial District

ISTEA   Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (emphasizes integration of transportation and land use)

LC&DR   Program Light Construction & Debris Removal Program

LOS   Level of Service (traffic term: graded A-F)

LUI   Land Use Intensity

NPU   Neighborhood Planning Unit, 1 of 25 voluntary citizens planning units

O&I   Office-Institutional

O-I-R   Office-Institutional-Residential

PD-H   Planned Development Housing

PD-MU   Planned Development-Mixed Use

PD-OC   Planned Development-Office Commercial

PIP   Public Improvement Program, a 1994 bond referendum passed to repair city streets, bridges, viaducts, storm drainage systems and parks

R-LC   Residential-Limited Commercial

R-1, R-2, etc   Single Family Residential

RTP   Regional Transportation Plan

SPI   Special Public Interest District, a special development plan which puts tighter restrictions on existing zoning ordinances than would ordinarily apply. NPU-B has 3 SPI Districts within its boundary: SPI-9 (Buckhead Village), SPI-12 (Lenox/Buckhead) and SPI-15 (Lindbergh)

TMA   Transit Management Association

TMP   Transit Management Plan

TOD   Transit Oriented Development (ex: Lindbergh Marta)

TSAD   Transit Study Area Development (funded by Federal Government)

VBB   Volume Based Billing (pay as you throw)

ZRB   Zoning Review Board, a 9 member committee appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council. The ZRB hears requests for special use permits and rezonings. Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 6; 00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. The ZRB is a recommending body.